You have a choice of ATLAS Open Data Virtual Machines:

  • If you want to have a quick look at the ATLAS Open Data 2016 datasets, not investing too much time, you can use the small virtual machine, which contains 10% of the ATLAS Open Data 2016 dataset. This takes about 15 minutes to download and setup. Go to the Software Book to learn how.

  • If you want to invest more time, or are setting up a lab for students, we suggest you use the large virtual machine which contains the complete set of ATLAS Open Data 2016 datasets. This takes 1-2 hours to download and setup. Read on.

To learn more about the data and analyses we have prepared for you, take a look at the Software Book

Virtual machine book for VM versions M, L and N

You will learn how to download and prepare a virtual machine to run on your computer. This will then enable you to take a look at the ATLAS Open Data 2016 datasets.

By choosing the large sized virtual machine, you have access to all the ATLAS Open Data.

What is a virtual machine ?

A virtual machine will transform your computer into an analysis machine!

Your physical computer will be the "host", while the virtual machine will be a "guest". Most of the guest code runs unmodified, directly on the host computer, and the guest operating system "thinks" it's running on a real machine.

A virtual machine allows an unmodified operating system with all of its installed software to run in a special environment, on top of your existing operating system.

There are two steps to setup your environment

  1. Get and prepare VirtualBox. This is explained in the next two chapters.
  2. Get and run a virtual machine. This is explained in the following two chapters.

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